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What Does It Really Mean To Look Inside?

In the spiritual realm, one of the most basic fundamental sayings of a lot of spiritual gurus is something along the lines of…

“You’ve been looking outward too long, and now it’s time to look within for your answers.”

Not verbatim and not by particular Guru, but you don’t have look very far online to see something along the lines of “look within.”

This absolutely true to a degree amongst a whole lot of humans that a lot of our suffering is coming from looking outward or looking externally for validation/freedom.

The greatest challenge with these statements most notably is the limitation of words, but even more so the thinking-mind’s Instantaneous nature to grab a hold of a specific concept.

A concept is ANY idea, perspective, outlook, belief system that the thinking-mind can grasp and understand.

What I mean is that upon hearing statement for the first time such as “Looking within” and the mind begins to search for what that means and how to do it.

This search is not a whole lot different than conceptually trying to solve a math problem.  

And in some cases the solving of the math problem turned out to be more useful. Then down the rabbit hole of whatever it means to look within.


If you had not done addition yet, then multiplication would mean nothing to you, and help your life in absolutely no way.

So if someone says to you “Look within”

But you absolutely no idea that you had been looking externally or outward and what that even means then the mind would go on this search looking for something that doesn’t even exist.

So that statement unless you understand a fundamental reality of what it means to look outward or externally will you truly understand more of what it means to look inward, and in an instant know why internal reality is your home, your fulfillment and your freedom.

So what does looking outward mean?

It means looking to the mind for your fulfillment.

It means looking to the dimension of form for your freedom.

Just as I had mentioned above about the limitation of words above, it’s important not to get attached to words such as dimension which can seem a bit too far-fetched for what many would call the practical world.

To put it simple, a form is anything that your mind can grasp or understand.

Examples of not only what the mind not just understands but is the projector of…


As in past experience which basically Memory.

The mind collects images of what it has projected from the past also known as Memory.

You know that you can grasp this because you can get a clear and precise image in your head of some experience that you had been through.


The mind visualizes and anticipates images that it may go through in the future.

Names and labels of things

The mind can grasp what certain things are and how they are different and similar to other things.

Analytical & Logical

Anything from how to solve problems in life, to math & scientific problems.

The one common denominator regarding the world of form is that it’s all projected like a virtual reality or movie from the thinking-mind.

The reason that the mind can grasp the world of form because it’s essentially the creator of what is seen and how it’s experienced.

With no mind and no thoughts there is no conceptual external world apart from one’s experience.

It’s just that the world you project is shared and public with 7 1/2 billion other projectors that currently live on planet earth.

With this being said the reason that this projecting is limited is that it requires a lot of energy from your brain to keep up with it day by day, hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second.

The mind is in analyzing mode nonstop trying to figure out how to survive, to thrive, to live up to other projectors expectations, to find love, and the other infinitely complex aspects to the external.

So much so that unless one understands what it means to look inward will be absolutely burnt out from trying to figure out the external that is in constant flux\changing not a SECOND less than 24 hours per day & 7 days per week.

So Change is occurring in even the smallest particle of time way smaller then even a Nano second.

With that being said, now that you know that to look outward/externally is to look to the thinking-mind which is also the projector of the world of form what does it mean to look inward?

Formless Dimension

The formless dimension is the dimension that is noticed from beyond the thinking-mind and beyond the world of form.

It is not something that you have to believe in, understand, comprehend, and especially not to analyze.

None of this comprehension is needed for you to be looking from it.

Knowing the formless dimension means that you awaken to who you truly are.

THAT is what it means to look inward, is to know who you truly are beyond name and form.

But not just who, but where and what.

By knowing who you, you also know where you and what you are. Not a ‘what’ as in a thing though.

If the mind tries to analyze what the formless dimension is then it will seem like it is counter opposite to the world of form, but it is not.

Just as the mind projects the world it projects opposites.

This or that…

The formless dimension is what is known immediately prior to any thoughts about…. anything.

But because it is a dimension of no opposites, the knowing and the formless dimension are one.

In fact, the knower, the knowing and the known are all one in sense and this should not be analyzed with thought.

Here is why, the world of form or external world is neither a part, nor separate which are both more than one, it’s that in the absolute sense it does not exist and is forever OBSERVED BY the formless dimension.

The reason that this important is because unless this is known, then the analyzing mind will be like the engine of a car running, churning, searching, memorizing, anticipating putting hundreds of thousands of miles on the brain with no oil change.

That reason that this formless dimension which exists here, as the now is that oil change is because it’s changeless. And there is little to no effort on the brain needed to truly know this changeless reality.

Remember the external world and every last experience is changing down to the smallest particle of time, so all this analyzing by the mind, ends up analyzing an old world.

Even one second ago, the understanding of the world is already outdated to a degree even if some of the past repeats seems to repeat itself.

Not to mention the fact that any understanding is always an infinitely small slice amongst the whole. Primarily because you cannot see everything happening in the world all at once.

So the mind goes on this ballistic rampage trying to figure out the world as if it’s understanding of the world is going to stay the same.

This rampage is called stress.

It’s called anxiety.

It’s sometimes called depression.

It’s called tension.

It’s this endless search by the thinking mind, because of it we have not been taught the fundamental changeless nature in which all experiences arise in and out of also known as the formless dimension beyond a single thought.

Knowing the formless dimension means that you have been able to see through the illusory nature of thoughts to know your true nature.

And in the instantaneous knowing your true nature is the end of your thoughts…but just for now with no anticipation of keeping them off.

The mind likes to say you cannot stop your thoughts because it anticipates a future in which from a practical level thought will be needed.

But because the formless dimension is timeless, it means that the present moment/formless dimension are one.

This is why knowing who are & where you are…..are one.

From a logical standpoint knowing this formless dimension has a direct effect on your entire body. Your brain, your nervous system and every particle.

You cannot get anymore more logical, any more practical, or simplistic then bringing your attention directly into the body, IN the here and now.

And in case the mind EVER tells you that you can relax from the ever changing experience in the future do not believe it.

The only time you can relax is now from what is changing is here. The now is all there is beyond the thinking minds projection of psychological time.


Today in the airport waiting for my plane to arrive in front of hundreds of people, formless bliss by going into the body and knowing formlessness.

Do you know how hectic airports are or can be?

Especially in larger cities.

The mind could have easily projected…

“Eh too many people.”

“Eh too much noise.”

“Eh get on the plane first.”

“Eh once I get back off the plane.”

And meanwhile, none of that mattered, I was already in this present moment and vanished for a bit into silence.

And the truth is, there are countless times I can recall being in THE most random spots where being came into awareness of itself.

  • Waiting to get an oil change for my car.
  • During a haircut
  • Waiting in the line at the grocery store.
  • During long trains
  • During my workouts at the gym.
  • In the middle of arguments.
  • Waiting for vacation.
  • Waiting for Friday.
  • Waiting for Payday
  • Waiting for Christmas
  • Waiting for Holidays
  • Waiting to go out to grab a drink so that I can relax.
  • …ect

And the list goes on.

It does NOT matter what situation you’re in to be able to look within, and take a vacation from the mind that’s always wondering what time it is.

Or waiting and projection some situation to arise so that you can finally relax once you’re there.

The formless dimension is timeless, so is beyond all projected situations.

Timelessness is here.

Here is timelessness.

Here is formlessness, here is relaxation itself, here is security, here is comfortability itself beyond any conceptual ideas.

Here is you. 

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Matthew Scott Donnelly

Matthew Scott Donnelly was born and raised in Indiana. At the age of 24 he decided that he had not manifest a life that he was happy with, and decided to dedicate his heart and soul to Personal Growth and Development material. Roughly about one year later at the age of 25 he went from basic personal growth teachings to the a deeper realm into spirituality. Matthew is now 27 and his main focus is to continue on the path of awakening, and utilize his Facebook marketing skills to spread Spiritual and Consciousness related material to the rest of the world. You can follow Matthew and his work down below.

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