The Disease of More

Have you wondered why it seems like Governments, banks, corporations of the like are on hunt for more power, greed, money & control?  Maybe you haven’t wondered and are clear as to why, and yet you contemplated anyways.  I have spoken with many people more than I can count who call out the “government” and […]

Recess Never Started And Will Never End

Imagine going out to recess on a psychedelic trip with zero thoughts of the past or the future.  Swinging on the swing sets so high, you jump off at the peak and fly into the galaxy.  With a Rave in the background, zero worries in the world, zero ambition because of life so utterly complete […]

Being Free In Aloneness

It’s beautiful to be alone. To be alone does not mean to be lonely. It means the mind is not influenced and contaminated by society. – Jiddu Krishnamurti Ironically it took me a whole lot of hours of being alone to realize the true depth and importance of being alone. The greatest part of being […]

Compassion Is Natural AS Breathing

Have you ever had a highly intellectual conversation with someone about love, but their energy felt completely the opposite? What I have found in speaking with hundreds of people interested in spirituality online and offline is that there is a MAJOR difference between understanding spirituality intellectually in thoughts and embodying what you know to be […]

Toxic People & Energy Vampires

BREAKING NEWS: Sometimes people test us to our limits! Some toxic people will try to steal your high vibrant energy at every moment that they can. Often you will hear things like “Don’t let people bring you down.”  “Don’t let people suck the energy out of you.”  “Don’t come down the level of others.”  And […]

The Paradox Of Time & Change

I feel that the most interesting question that I have ever heard continuously from many people is. “Where did time go?” After all, time is what completely shapes our experience as human beings. Without the past, the knowledge you have gained, the experiences you have gone through have shaped how you view the present. With […]

Don’t Be Fooled Into New Ideas That May Harm You

It was posed to a group of friends the other day that concepts (on their own without proper elucidation) can be misleading.  That knowledge, without discernment, can just as easily confuse and misguide as it can edify. Knowledge should indeed be a means of clarification for a seeker/student and not a hindrance.   There are many […]

What Does It Really Mean To Look Inside?

In the spiritual realm, one of the most basic fundamental sayings of a lot of spiritual gurus is something along the lines of… “You’ve been looking outward too long, and now it’s time to look within for your answers.” Not verbatim and not by particular Guru, but you don’t have look very far online to […]

Believing That You Are a Person Is Causing You Suffering

Deep inside of the human unconsciousness is the false idea that you and I are people in the absolute sense. What do I mean by absolute? What I mean by absolute is that no ERA of time, nothing that had happened, nothing that is happening, and nothing that will ever happen in the world will […]

Why Climate Change Is Not The World’s Greatest Challenge Today

Why sustainability is NOT the world’s greatest challenge right today You don’t have to go very far online today to see something regarding the bent out of shape the earth is in. In fact, Greta Thunberg who I highly admire for her work has been going viral on a massive scale consistently everyday now for […]